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Acting as a time machine, a farmer’s market takes us back in time. It used to be
common for families to own land that was worked and raised products that
supported the family and the community. Generations have past, and our connection
with our food sources and procedures have quickly subsided. The need to mass-
produce has overcome the desire for quality and natural products.

Avoiding processed foods or chemically modified foods is easy when shopping at
local farmer’s markets. It also allows us to support local famer’s directly, and both
parties benefit. Locals receive the most flavorful and fresh food, typically with
organic options. Farmers are able to get the most for their dollar by cutting out
middlemen, and help to build a community by connecting with their consumers

By knowing where our food products come from, and creating relationships with
local farmers – we can strengthen our local economies and maintain healthy and
happy communities.

Farmers markets are not only a portal into the past, but also serve as a portal into
the future. Our future needs to include more people making choices that support
local economies, farmers, and families in order to rebuild the culture of community
and unity.

Luckily, Farmers Markets are not hard to find in Napa Valley. April through
November you can catch one in Napa proper on Tuesdays & Saturdays. If that
doesn’t line up with your schedule you can find on in St. Helena on every Friday,
May through October. Calistoga hosts one year round every Saturday.

For more information, including times and vendor lists check out our events page at